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2 October - France

Strasborg to Champagne

sunny 20 °C

We did a walking tour of interesting history of Strasborg inbetween washing cloths at laundrette (not recommended). Interesting mix of Roman, French and Germany ownership as well as independence! Has quite a unique feeling to it. Somewhat quite unlike the rest of France culturally speaking. Although still quite present in many newer buildings.

Amazing cathedral built in 1498 - see pic


Also has the world's largest Astronomical clock. We saw the miniture copy of this in the Sydney's Powerhouse Museum a few months ago when we were there. The original is so much more spectacular!

Fabulous canals around the whole town, and remnants of the walled city.

From there we travelled west straight to the heart of the Champagne country - Epernay...

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1 October - France

Lindau (Bodense River) - Zurich - Strasborg

sunny 23 °C


Left after a pleasant night staying at Lindau on the Bodense River on the southern tip of Germany. Over the other side of the lake was Austrian and Swiss Alps. As we chose to drive through Switzerland, we had to purchase a years worth of driving permit for the highways of Switzerland for just one day! So 40SF.

Had a gorgeous lunch at Aqua in gay Zurich on the lake. With a bunch of bankers and sunnies, we sought the shade of an umbrella as it was so hot!!!

From Zurich we moved along the supposed loveliest drive from Mulhouse to Strasborg, which was really tame after the Austrian alps! Also passed a huge nuclear power plant right on the Rhine River (the best roads in France are situated along this stretch of road!!!)

We ended up in gorgeous Strasborg.

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30 September - Germany

via Italy & Austria

sunny 14 °C


Had a gorgeous trip through the Austrian alps into Germany via crazy King Ludwig of Germany who built this amazing castle and went mad and killed himself and his doctor before it was finished, but not before installing a 4th floor grotto of his private rooms. He was also swan mad. There were swan motifs carved everywhere and china swans all over the house. Totally over the top, but really interesting. Amazing refreshing climbing the huge hill prior to going on the tour. It was fresh and cold, but sunny!

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29 September - Italy

Verona - Lake Guada

sunny 20 °C


Steve visited Roman Ruins Museam at the foot of the hill we stayed on, while Corinne went shopping. Oh I could have spent money all day! The town is full of clothing designers, interior designers and all the cool and trendy people. Its just so pretty!

Leaving we started heading up to Lake Guada, the largest of the italian lakes. We took the locals route to the lake past about 50 prostitutes! We have never seen such a sight in all our travels (well except out the back of Rome where the Ford dealers where). Steve thinks the Verona/Lake Guada prostitutes were better looking)! :-)

We went via Sirmione which is a cute little fortress town full of touristy but cute shops. Got our second parking fine! Decided that was unfair so we tore it up! The first was in Cannes where we squeezed our bus into a Gogomobile sized parking bay up against a high hedge and the inspector didnt notice we were right hand drive (we had the ticket over the drivers wheel where we normally put it)... We should get that one wiped when we post the bill off with the paid ticket, but the rest we decided will go to the address we dont live at in London that the car is registered to (the previous owners previous address) all because they didnt give change on their meters (nasty - and expensive)... Parking is a killer in Europe, and even harder when every underground carpark has a hight limit usually of less than 2m!

Anyway the drive was magnificent (as I digress into parking). There are ferries taking people back and fourth, holiday makers driving away from northern Italy for the weekend, and ice on the mountains behind! A magnificent sight!

Spent the night just at the edge of the Italian/Austrian Boarder...

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28 September - Italy


semi-overcast 24 °C

Did the bus trip around the city including a trip up the hill to Laudes learning of the miracle that was said to have taken place there.

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