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27 September - Italy


rain 21 °C

Well I finally found the most beautiful town in Italy! It was clean, pretty and surrounded by a gorgeous walled city. It still had the odd Roman relic that had survived time, and they have a style and air of culture that we found nowhere else.

Steve managed to find his restaurants of restaurants - called Giuletta & Romeo - where he had Donkey spagetti; followed by Tartar (raw mince mixed with herbs, spices and a bit of sauce) of Horse (sorry sandy - steve doesnt want you to tell Bree!)

Then the next night we topped that by finding a restaurant experience to match none other! Ristaurante Arche. The food was devine, there were wine suggestions for every dish, and amazing entertainment watching the perfomance when the wine trolly was pushed to the table with the bottle of wine and glass on it. The waiter would open the bottle; sample the wine then pour for every glass that was drunk. I will never forget that most amazing experience!

In between eating, we stayed in a campsite run by some dreadlocked hippies. Every tree had a tag attached with its botanically name on it. It was also on a cliff part of Castel San Pietro. Some of the fortifications still remained. We also visited the Civici de Casa di Giuletta where the Capulette family where believed to have lived. And the fabulous castel with a Rafello and a few others dating back to 1200s.

Verona was another interesting city: one also run by the Guilds. These provided the ultimate in democratic rule. I guess that has aided Verona, Venice and Florence being such strong and influencial cities in their day, as well as maintaining a sence of independence of region today from the rest of Italy.

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26 September - Italy


sunny 27 °C

Pompei was amazing. Well worth driving through the millions of police , which we later found out were searching for drugs! to get to an amazing place. We couldnt handle the rubbish strewn from Rome to Naples, so fast tracked it back to Rome, finally getting the papers for the van YAY! and shot through asap!

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25 September - Italy


overcast 24 °C

Car finally ready to pick up RELIEF! Collected and still hadnt received papers for the van. Starting to get worried. Decided to kill time and head south to Nappoli and Pompei. Got about 2 hours south of Rome, a different world away. Found a lovely quiet campsite on the beach to spend the night.

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24 September - Italy

Rome (Roma)

sunny 27 °C

Well another hot, but well walked day followed us. As the museums and art gallerys are closed on Monday's, we spent the day walking the parks of Rome. I assume there is water restrictions in place as most of the parks we've found to date havent had any grass on them. It appears to be a common theme in France and Italy that water is restricted, and any grass that you encounter, you are not permitted to even walk on - so forget about sitting on some soft cold lawn!

So for us, even with our water restrictions, consider any park that had dead lawn or weeds, to be a little unappealing. So today we did encounter some hedges that were alive, and the glorious parks surround the Villa Bourgese where where lovely. And during the walks in the shady large trees, it was lovely to experience the atmosphere of parks in Rome.

These were the loveliest pictures we took today. They were both taken in the Villa Bourgese gardens, the first is of the water clock in the park, and the second is of the gorgeous greek watergarden filled with ducks, geese and turtles all having a great time.



Today is our last day of free (well with many people always queing) internet use.

Might be a few days before next communication! hopefully will be soon!

Take care

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23 September - Italy

Rome (Roma)

sunny 27 °C

We we had another great day yesterday. Still quite humid and warm, but the nights are getting cooler. Which is a relief when sleeping in the van. Hopefully we'll get to pick up the van tomorrow afternoon. The bill came to E680 which is quite a lot, but we also included a much needed service, which should help us sell the van.

We visited the Palazzo Barberini which was the fabulous manion belonging to the famous Barberini family. Big in the 1600-1700's. Their family insignia was the bee. They had bees added to all window embelishments, and there are lots of sculptures including the Barberini Fountain, that is covered in small dots (I guess up close you can see the bees). Its quite interesting as we've never seen anything like it!

Their family home has amazing fresco'd celings in every room - even the bathroom! The artwork was also impressive. Now belonging to the Ministry of Culture they have installed a fabulous collection of 12th-18th century works from Italian masters.


From there we moved on to the Trevi Fountain. Probably Rome's most famous fountain. All of Rome is amazingly still fed by an aquaduct system built in 19BC which provides the most beautiful clean water free to many fountains and public drinking fountains around Rome. Apart from a renovation and extension added by the popes around 16th century, its still in fabulous working condition! The Travoli Fountain is the most amazing light blue colour. We didnt get any tour, so assume this too is fed by the same aquaduct. There were about a million people huddled around trying to take their shot!

We also found a small sign a block or so away from the fountain to the Travoli Cinema. They were excavating to extend their cinema underground and uncovered the most well proserved Roman ruin. The found some fabulous coins, loads of urns, and a huge 115,000L water storage room. Fabulous. Best E2 we had spent!

Also visited the Pantheon, which was disappointing. Another church plundered roman building.

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