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5 September – France

sunny 24 °C

Woke to the smell of a foul dead smell. Apparently during the night on the vacant land next to the yard, some vagrants had been sleeping. The police were called as the smell was rancid. They found a huge garbage bag filled with something rancid and they were looking for a stick to open the bag with. We never found out what happened, but the police were there for some hours so we left quick! Ford promptly fixed the van first thing in the morning and we were back on the road.

Drove through Tours (with an old square) and Loches (the beginning of the Loire Valley). Stayed in the walled city (yet another 12-15th century Royal Fortress) with a summer palace for King Charles VII and his mistress to hide out. They had some beautiful stainglass windows in the entrance to a stairwell made with their pictures and their names showing their love for each other. It was very gorgeous!

In Loches we stayed within the walled city in the Le Presbytere – with lots of pious religious parafanalia everywhere! It was so gorgeous as it overlooked the entire valley! We also had an amazing meal at Le Vicariat right next door. It included traditional French fare of the region, including an amazing bottle of French Champagne!

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4 September – France

sunny 24 °C

Wandered through the amazing 15th Century village of Bayeux. So gorgeous and full of the timber framed buildings that were later banned from being built as they always burnt down! Visited the Tapisserie de Bayeux which is the 1000 year old tapestry of the Norman Conqusts. Showing William the Bastard turn into William the Conquerer in what seemed like a 500m long tapestry that was made over many years as the war progressed. Fascinatingly presented and really enjoyable!

Decided it was finally time to head south to some better weather. Got to Flers and the ball joint holder broke. Luckily we were in town, but had some difficulty finding some English speaking help. Got towed (kerching) to the Ford Dealer who let us sleep in the van that night.

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3 September – France

-17 °C

From Bois drove to Rouen to have burst tyre replaced and another bald one replaced. Including wheel alignment set up back over e400 to get fixed! From there we drove much happier to Normandy province and Caen on the coast. Where the Normandy landing took place. Rich in Roman history right through to modern 20th century history. Found lots of free museums, free parking sites and fabulously run tourism centres. Visited the Musee de Normandie, after donating considerable funds to the French coffers in Tolls to use their freeways!

Had a fabulous duck meal at a quaint restaurant mall where Edith Piaf’s parents used to have a café. Finding it difficult coping with late night eating. 9pm appears to be too early in this part of France to start dinner!

Drove on to Bayeux to sleep the night in a free camping ground in the middle of the city! Very well organised and fabulous tourism info.

No more pictures from here on out as we are still trying to get them off the camera - like internet, camera shops are also hard to find!

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2 September – France

sunny 23 °C

Visited Monet’s Garden at Giverney for Steve’s Birthday. It was smaller than we expected, but very lovely. His house was amazing with lots of tiles all through the kitchen. There was originally a trainline running between his house and smaller garden and the large lake at the bottom of his street, but this eventually turned into the main road through the town, so it was weird having to go through an underpass to get to the lake! From Giverny we drove on to Bois, after getting a tyre blowout.


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1 September – France

sunny 20 °C

Leave Versaille back to Ikea for sheets we’d forgotten and off to Vernon (hole) as Giverney was full. Had Escargot Pizza for dinner! Interesting architecture - our first old town outside of Paris, but the rest was dreadful! Formula One was terrible! Dont stay there even if you're really desperate!


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