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12 October - London


sunny 18 °C

It was the last day and night before our early morning departure. We spent most of the day getting our bags packed (what a job after having the stuff rolling around the back of the van for 6 weeks)!

Checked into the Travellers Inn @ Heathrow. So we could make a quick exit at 5am the next morning for our 8:40am flight (this stupid 3 hour checkin is crazy)!

Once safely in the room, we caught the bus to the tube station and headed into London to do last minute postage and stuff before we left. We then went and had a lovely dinner on the Espanyola one of the lovely boats permanently mored on the river and is now a restaurant.

We then went to see our last play in London - The Country Wife. It was a hillarious play about the beautiful young country wife taken to the city by a jealous older husband who overprotects her from the wicked men of London and it all backfires on him. Really well done.

Caught the train back and we'd booked into a hotel not dissimilar to the Formula One's we'd had such horrible experiences with in France. The hotel was new and large as was the room, which also had two double beds. But the beds were knackered and yet it all looked brand new. I ended up sleeping in the other bed as we continually rolled together in the bed.

Oh the joys of travelling!

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11 October - England

Bourmouth - Portsmouth - Richmond

sunny 20 °C


Portsmouth is a really pretty spot. Fabulous old part with cute cobbled stone streets, quaint pubs, flower tubs everywhere and all brightly coloured. It also has some newer bits, the new tower - 105m tall, which we couldnt really see much from due to the fog, and nothing is complete without the smeggaplex shopping centre adjoining it. It was hugely crowded, so we shot back to the old part of town to have lunch at a cute pub on the water and watched the multitude of ferrys from other ports local and international arriving by the truckload!

We then found a gorgeous 13th century church. It was bombed in the war so lost all their windows and half the roof, so the church is now half the original size and the new stain glassed windows represent scenes from the war showing the fire on the roof, the soldiers that were lost and it was quite moving to visit.


Just outside on very small plaques marked the commeration (almost in passing) of the First Fleets Departure to Australia, and also to America! Puts all into perspective!

Had one enquiry about the van, and one offer to purchase it for GBP2000. He said he could come up with the money tonight, so we accepted his offer. He bought it sight unseen and was there a couple of hours later with the cash. It was a stressful time worrying the the van would sell. We were planning to spend the whole of the next day searching for somewhere to sell it should it not sell.

Checked into an expensive B&B for our second last night!

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10 October - England

Bath - Bournmouth

sunny 19 °C


Woke early to pursue Bath as early as possible. Really enjoyed the tour of the Roman Baths. Bath was orginally called Salis Minerva so the Goddess Minirva was goddess of wisdom, medicine, the arts, dyeing, science and trade, but also of war. As Minerva Medica she is the patroness of physicians. Hence the healing powers of Bath have been sold throughout the ages as a cure all. This is the most amazing find in the whole Bath digs to date. It was found just last year when they were digging up a road to redo some sewerage pipes! The condition its in is amazing.

When the monks moved in in the middle ages, they used to take the sick and invalid town into the smaller pool.


You can see the high water mark. The water used to be a rusty brown colour when the roof was on the building, but due to the temperature the water sits at, and being exposed to the sun as it now is (originally it was housed under a huge roof). Out of the photo are the little cubicals that are surrounding this pool. The monks sat the invalid in these cubicals up to their necks for hours on end to help cure them of their ailments.

In the georgian era, doctors used to pescribe up to 5 gallons a day be drunk of the water. I did have a glass up in the pump room after the tour. It was warm of course, and tasted hugely of minerals and metals contained in it.

The main pool is still lined with the original lead lining that the Romans installed when they built the place! Can you believe it!

Bath is a really pretty georgian town. Full of great shops, cafes, gorgeous buildings and of course the great spas! unfortunately as time was running out I wasnt able to indulge in a spa - such a shame!

From Bath we sped on to Bournmouth. Finding some interesting little towns along the way falled Fontmell Magna where we found a cute little village of thatched roofed cottages...


and Twerne Minister where there was a really posh private school. The girls school uniforms actually consisted of a floor length skirt! Yeiks! I thought my school uniforms were bad! :-) I also took a fab picture of a butchers shop, which was also part of a cute house. It had a huge window in it the front and a huge picture of a pigs head on the sign out the front. No name just a pig!

Arriving in Poole couldn't find anywhere decent to stay to carried on to Bournmouth. Steve found what looked like a quiet street to park in and sleep but it turned out to be as wide as one car mirror to the other, so we had to drive the entire 10km lenght of it and find somewhere discrete to stop and park.

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9 October - England

Lakes District - Bath

semi-overcast 19 °C


Drove through the wonderful Lakes District. Its so picturesque full of trees, green rolling hills and of course water!

Ended up up at the Windermere for breakfast. Large touristy town with lots of yachts and boats. There is even a ferry taking boats and cars across to the other side. Home to Beatrix Potter for a time.

Hard to get good pics as it was overcast, and there was a bit of rain, but it was just gorgeous to drive through.


In the afternoon we hit Wedgwood. It was an interesting tour. Dont worry about eating there. The food is crap!

Ended the day a few miles out of Bath.

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8 October - England

Gilmerton - Kenmore - Killin - Glasgow - Carlisle - Penrith (Lakes District)

sunny 16 °C


The hills are certainly alive in this part of the woods. We woke to fabulous views and stone walls, mist on mountains and sheep dancing in the heather - woops sorry must be the haggis talking. Steve actually had the best haggis ever the night before. Much better than in Edinburgh. Same format, but much more tasty. I tried some, and it was quite sweet and spicey. We carried on up the hills past a gate that is closed during snow and ice as its just too slippery. Luckily we only encountered one car, and he pulled into one of the little layby areas and let us pass. We actually had the breaks smoking before we got to the bottom of the hill and reached the town of Kenmore.

We found our dream hoosie. A wee little castle that had just gone broke mid renovation. Picture attached...


We had breakfast at the oldest inn in Scotland and continued on to Killin Hotel for lunch. Have discovered a fabulous Pear Cider from Sweden. Must look out for that one back home.

Ended the night at the beginning of The Lakes District...

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